Kyushu Cruise Promotion Conference
This conference provides organic cooperation of the cities in the Kyushu bloc, a tourist resort, a port, and a cruise passenger boat in one. It aims for an efficient and effective cruise promotion while promoting attractions and activation of the tourism industry. Moreover, it drives the contribution to the regional improvement of entire Kyushu.
2-11-1 Hakataekihigashi, hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, 812-0013 JAPAN
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Kyushu District Transport Bureau

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Cruise Island KyushuThe land of “Kyushu” consisted of nine countries until mid 19th century. The meaning of Kyushu also represents combination of nine countries. Today, it consists of seven prefectures, each prefecture has its own unique culture, language and nature. Ports of Kyushu offer various attractions and reflect the unique historical background, culture of Kyushu.
Cruise guests can experience the magnificent Japanese history at place around Nagasaki and Kagoshima ports. Hakata offers tourists to adventure and explore the wonder Japanese metropolitan city. Beppu has one of the largest natural hot springs in Japan for tourists to relax. City of “Imari” and “Arita” are best known for producing Japanese Chinaware and tourists can visit with ease through Karatsu and Sasebo ports. Hososhima is located along at the beautiful coast of Miyazaki, and it is also a gateway to the land of Japanese myth, Takachiho-kyo (Gorge). Yatsushiro is situated in Yatsushiro Sea, and it is able to access the magnificent active volcano Aso Mountains located in heart of Kyushu. Offshore of Kyushu, expedition cruise adventure awaits at solitary islands of Yakushima (World Nature Heritage), Goto Islands (on tentative list for World History Heritage).

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